Infrastructure Planning Hardware and Deployment

The benefits creating an infrastructure plan to optimize your technology on an ongoing basis are usually dramatic. shawcsIT clients experience significant cost reductions, improved productivity and better system manageability. Additionally, when a plan is in place to maintain quality infrastructure, the financial costs to your business will be anticipated, budgeted for and deployment will be strategically planned for implementation at the best and most convenient times for your business.

Infrastructure Planning Components

  • Server Solutions/Free Assessment, Design
  • Storage Solutions /Architecture and Design
  • Networking Solutions
  • Infrastructure Virtualization
    (Server and Desktop)
  • Cloud Integration
  • Data Management Solutions

Infrastructure Planning Benefits

shawcsIT brings 40 years of successful planning and deployment experience to the table to plan and manage your infrastructure.  We engage and partner with the leading suppliers and solution providers in the industry and only offer best in class solutions. With shawcsIT as your technology partner you will see reliable, scalable and proven technologies implemented to help your business achieve its goals now and as you grow.

  • Increase employee productivity by providing compute from anywhere access to applications regardless of user location.
  • Free up non-technical staff or existing IT resources by delegating routine processes to AclarityIT
  • Experience higher profitability with reduced downtime and system failures
  • Develop ongoing and improved satisfaction with your IT by staff and business owners

“We have been a customer of shawcsIT (Shaw Computer Systems Inc.) since 2016. In short order shawcsIT became a trusted business partner, promptly addressing day-to-day needs while also helping us to plan for the future. Our IT systems are more reliable than ever, thanks to their knowledgeable support team. They have come to understand our business well and we can’t say enough about their customer service and responsiveness. We value the relationship we have formed with shawcsIT and the impact they have had on our business.”