Cloud Solutions and Virtualization

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Cloud Solutions are gaining popularity in business all over the world. Cloud computing create a flexible, anytime, anywhere work environment.  It streamlines costs through predictability and reduced capital outlay and empowers an organization with the means to better service their markets. Call today to find out how Hosted Exchange, Office 365, VMware and Azure could benefit your business.

Cloud Solution Benefits

  • Cloud services can be accessed from any enabled device
  • Cloud services can scale up or down based on user requirements, provide improved speed to market and greater business agility 
  • High initial capital expenditures are replaced by a predictable and budgeted monthly fee.
  • IT resources can now match actual needs instead of managing excess infrastructure for peak demand levels.
  • Increases productivity through ease of IT management and improved application and data accessibility
  • Better Business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
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Access from Anywhere

The Cloud solutions provided by shawcsIT provide fast, reliable access to all of your files and applications from any internet connection. Read reports, monitor performance, and collaborate on projects from anywhere, anytime; the ultimate way to stay in touch without being there.

Maintained For You

The shawcsIT Cloud offerings for applications & services needed are maintained by the same Technicians who service your office computers. Need more storage? Have a special project? Installing a new application? No problem shawcsIT will manage the Cloud as it grows with you.

Secure & Compliant

The shawcsIT Cloud backup solution resides on servers located in Toronto Ontario and is protected by robust Security counter measures. Your sensitive data never leaves Canada.

Cloud storage diagram.

More on the Cloud

Thinking of evolving your IT Systems to the Cloud?  Cloud computing provides universal access to all of your shared files and applications, without the overhead and administration of local servers.  We are experts at matching your business requirements with the right cloud solutions and will help you achieve the lowest cost of ownership without sacrificing performance or security.

Cloud Solution Environment Types:

  • Software and accompanying data are centrally hosted on the cloud and accessed by users through the Web. (Software as a Service)
  • Computing, storage and networking resources are available on a pay-per-consumption basis, accessed through the Web or on a virtual private network (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • A cloud platform that includes the operating system and some software. (Platform as a Service)
  • A computing model under which a service provider offers applications, storage and other valuable resources typically on a pay-per-use model online (Public cloud)
  • A special computing model comprised of cloud infrastructure and applications operated for the organization and hosted at their headquarters or at a remote or third-party location (Private on-premises cloud)
  • A computing model comprised of both on-premises and off-site resources that integrates both private and public clouds. (Hybrid cloud)
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An effective virtualization strategy is a key component of today’s business technology environment. Virtualization is the core technology leading the cloud revolution. Virtualization allows you to maximize efficiencies by running multiple virtual servers on a single physical server – resulting in significantly reduced total cost of ownership and the ability to allocate workload for the best server performance.