You would be surprised how even a few little, relatively unknown hints can boost your productivity. Often in class I go over these hints and students are delighted to discover a handy shortcut. Have a look at the 10 tips and tricks I have summarized below to help you through your work day!
In Windows:

  1. To copy a document, picture, video, sound file and even a folder, just drag the item with your mouse while you hold down a CTRL key. Let go of your mouse first when you are ready.
  2. To zoom whatever is being displayed on your screen, just roll the scroll wheel on your mouse while you hold down a CTRL key.
    In Microsoft Word
  3. To select a paragraph, triple click inside the paragraph. (Works on Web pages and e-mails too)
  4. To select a sentence, hold down a CTRL key and click anywhere in the sentence.
  5. To automatically fix thousands of typing mistakes just keep on typing. Autocorrect will fix lots of your bad words so you don’t waste time fixing them yourself.
  6. To fix the Americanisms like color and labor, just type the Canadian version. You will see the red squiggle suggesting you have made a mistake. Right click on the word and click Add to Dictionary. The words will be good after that.
    In Microsoft Excel
  7. To summarize a large number of rows or columns, click anywhere in the data and then use the shortcut keystrokes CTRL and A (hold down CTRL and touch A) to select the entire data set easily. Then click Autosum or use the dropdown and select Average or Count or Max or Min.
  8. To fill a column with a calculation, create the first calculation then click back on the result. Double click the little “blob” in the bottom right corner of the active cell to fill the column.
  9. If you have a formatting issue you can fix it easily be first clicking on an example of formatting you like and then clicking the Format Painter icon on the Home ribbon. You can now click on the badly formatted cell or drag over a number of cells to apply the “good” formatting.

In Google

  1. Narrow down a Google search by enclosing a phrase in quotations. For example, instead of searching for eco friendly packaging (gives more than 3 million hits), search for “eco friendly” packaging (1.7 million hits) or even “eco friendly packaging” (about 300,000 hits).
  2. Bonus – trick number eleven!
    Use Google search as a calculator. Instead of starting a calculator, go to the Google search screen and type the math in the search box. For example you can “search” for 6 * 5 and get the answer of 30. Google will even show you a calculator at that point. Try other things like metric conversions and currency conversions too.
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