Proactive Managed IT Services

shawcsIT Proactive Managed Service – to combat the IT challenges that most businesses face:

  • Downtime – Interruption of vital IT systems or services
  • Unpredictable IT Outages & loss of revenue generation
  • Cyber Crime, Security and risk of loss of critical business data
  • Budget restrictions – Predictability and management of IT costs
  • Exposure to regulatory and software audit compliancy
  • Lost productivity through time and effort by non-technical staff overseeing IT operations

Our Proactive Approach Keeps Your Business Up and Running.

The Era of Reactive, Hourly Rate IT Support has been coming to an end for a while now.  More and more customers are moving to a proactive service plan and are seeing and understanding the long-term value of investing in IT infrastructure stability.  While hourly billed services create the illusion that they are less expensive as you are only paying for services as they happen, the reality is that your business is likely wasting significant resources due to this approach. Under this scenario, critical maintenance and management functions such as disaster recovery planning, security auditing, IT policies, and preventative IT solutions among other best practices are overlooked and don’t come to the forefront until it is too late. As your proactive IT management partner, we’re committed to ensuring you aren’t faced with unforeseen surprises.

Shaw Computer Systems acts as the go-to Proactive Support Provider and technical team for many businesses throughout the Peterborough and Kawartha area. If our system monitors detect an issue, you will likely hear from us before you know anything is even wrong. If you call for routine technical support, we will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible. You will have confidence in knowing your Shaw Computer Systems team is ready when you need them.

The Shaw Computer Systems Customized Managed Service Plan – Components and Benefits

Shaw Computer Systems recognizes that every business client is unique, and we are committed to developing customized solutions and service plans with options that best suit your needs and budget requirements.


  • Asset Management & Procurement
  • On-site Service, Remote Service or Both
  • Preventative Monitoring and Maintenance of Hardware
  • Backup, Disaster Planning and Recover
  • Security Recommendations and Policies
  • Software Compliance, Licensing and Procurement
  • Antivirus, Windows and Third Party Patch Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Remote Connection Software
  • Depot Carry-in and Repair (break/fix services)
  • Extended and Enhanced Warranty Services
  • Recycling and recovery solutions: Collection, recovery and recycling of computer equipment, secure data destruction.


Businesses are often overwhelmed by the challenges of maintaining and managing their IT assets. Most organizations have a mix of old and new equipment and software in their inventory that changes constantly as a result of upgrades, repairs, and refurbishments.  Shaw Computer Systems will assist you with inventory management, planning, budgeting and procurement and disposal of your IT assets so that as your business grows, your IT infrastructure is maximized to make sure you optimize the return on your IT investments.

Proven technical expertise available for your business in a customized plan

Increased profitability and staff productivity when system uptimes are maintained

Predictable IT operating costs and assistance in future planning and implementation

Reporting availability and professional advice on your network operations, security policies and more.

Shaw Computer Systems will:

  • Monitor your network performance 24/7/365 and respond to alerts generated from our state of the art network agent, providing network reliability.
  • Manage cloud services, anti-virus, anti-spam, e-mail, switches, firewalls, universal power supplies, business critical hardware and software, network devices and collaborative vendor relations.
  • Maintain and provide network documentation, perform critical software updates, firmware revisions and inventory management, and offer end-user support.
  • Provide a customer friendly link so you can create and view service tickets for your company in the system.
  • Maximize the value of your IT investment by providing consistent uptime, so your internal staff can focus on your business.
  • When you have a customized Shaw Computer Systems service plan in place, you benefit from having a single point of contact for a full range of maintenance and support requirements with a team of professionals you can trust.  Service options are varied and provide cost-effective service levels for consistent, reliable turnaround time on all proactive work and repairs which translates to maximum value for your IT dollars. 

“Winslow-Gerolamy Motors Limited has enjoyed being a client of Shaw Computer Systems Inc. for more than 20 years and we would highly recommend them. Their expert, friendly, prompt and courteous service for networking, computer equipment and IT technology is without compare.”