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Moving your Business? Consult an IT Professional First!!

Moving your business to a new location is likely to be an exciting and stressful endeavour.  Involving an IT professional in your review of a potential location, before signing a new lease, can potentially save you thousands of dollars in unexpected expenditures.  In the past we have had customers call us to facilitate the move of all their computer equipment […]


Business Alert – Microsoft Announces End of Support Dates

Over the next two years we will see four Microsoft products still commonly used by businesses, all reach the end of their support life;  Windows 7, Exchange 2010, Server 2008, and Office 2010. What does this mean for your business?  Once the software product reaches its end of life support date it will no longer receive critical security updates.  If […]


Don’t Let a Power Outage Ruin Your Work Day

Severe weather, heavy equipment loads cycling on and off, wiring faults, fires, accidents, power shortages and even electromagnetic interference are all sources of power problems that businesses face every day such as: Power Surges Brown outs Line noise Over voltage swells Blackouts lasting from seconds to days These power problems will cause costly damage to critical IT equipment. Computers and […]


Passwords – The Struggle is Real!

We all struggle with passwords. They tend to create frustration for the user, and even though we know they are necessary, we often try to use the same password or simple passwords for everything to make our lives easier. Passwords act as the gatekeeper between the rest of the web and our personal and business information. Choosing a strong password—and […]


Training: A Great Investment for your Business

New software products such as Office 2019, Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite are nothing short of amazing in terms of productivity features. The mistake often made is that the new software is made available to employees, but little effort is made to show users how to take advantage of all the added features. The result is an increase in […]


Ten Tricks & Tips to Help you Work Smarter not Harder!

You would be surprised how even a few little, relatively unknown hints can boost your productivity. Often in class I go over these hints and students are delighted to discover a handy shortcut. Have a look at the 10 tips and tricks I have summarized below to help you through your work day! In Windows: To copy a document, picture, […]